Vionic Free Shipping Promo

With Memorial Day fast approaching, it is time to think about our favorite summer shoe – the sandal.

Give your sandals a little test.

Do your sandals fit your foot well? Your foot should never hang over the edges of your shoe. If so, you need to rethink the size of your sandals. Are your sandals made of quality materials like a nice, soft leather? Leather can reduce the chance of blisters and irritations. Make sure your sandals can gently bend. This does not mean it should fold in half. Your sandals need a gentle bend so that they move well with your foot, but no shoe should ever be able to fold in half.

If your sandals are over one year old and show significant wear, they need to be discarded!

Make your feet happy. Buy your feet a new pair of comfortable sandals from Vionic shoes. Their sandals are designed with Othaheel Technology and help with heel and arch pain. Free shipping through MSFAS is being offered with the following promo code: MDEQ46T at!

Help your feet have a safe and healthy summer with a new, sturdy pair of sandals.