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Dr. Ted Butterfield

Ted Butterfield, DPM earned his podiatric medical degree at Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. On completion of medical school, he entered into training at John Peter Smith Hospital, a county hospital and Level I trauma center in Fort Worth, Texas. He is extensively trained in trauma and reconstruction and in management of complications […]

Take The Hammer Out Of Your Toe

Hammertoe is a common toe condition where there is bending in any of the little toes causing a claw-like position of the toe. The abnormal bending can cause pressure on the toe when wearing shoes, causing problems to develop such as pain, corns, and calluses. The hammertoe can cause pain even without corns or calluses […]


Do you suffer from pain caused by a bunion? Are you embarrassed to wear sandals? Many people suffer from a common foot deformity, bunions. Many believe they have to live with the discomfort, but there are treatment options available. Bunions are described as a bump on the side of the foot. Bunions are actually a […]

Charcot Foot

Physicians at Mid-South Foot and Ankle Specialists collaborate with local medical manufacturers to reconstruct their patient’s Charcot foot by using an external fixator. This surgery will help prevent further infection, pain, difficulty walking and ultimately limb loss. Charcot is a sudden softening of the bones and collapsing of the joints of the feet. This occurs […]

Vionic Free Shipping Promo

With Memorial Day fast approaching, it is time to think about our favorite summer shoe – the sandal. Give your sandals a little test. Do your sandals fit your foot well? Your foot should never hang over the edges of your shoe. If so, you need to rethink the size of your sandals. Are your […]