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As fall is well underway , it is important to be mindful of the possibly damaging effects the summer sun had on your skin. Now is the time to do a “mole check” and catch melanomas early. Melanoma is the most serious type of cancer of the skin. Each year in the United States, more […]

Growth Plate (Physeal) Fractures

Growth plate injuries are an interesting and challenging group of injuries based on the unique characteristics of skeletally immature bone in the developing pediatric patient. Generally they are seen after twisting or compressive forces are applied to a bone. They can occur at any age and care must be taken to accurately diagnose and treat […]

Digital (Toe) Fractures

Digital (Toe) fractures are a common injury experienced by thousands of Americans annually. The injury is usually caused by a combination of forces which lead to a disruption in the bone cortex resulting in a visible break on x-ray. In the most severe cases, bone can actually be broken into multiple fragments called a comminuted […]