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Ankle Sprains

Aug 26, 2015
An ankle sprain is a very common injury and can happen to any person in any age group.

An ankle sprain is a very common injury and can happen to any person in any age group. Common ways that people are injured include sports, work, daily activities or simply mis-stepping on uneven ground. The injury occurs with twisting or inversion of the ankle, which is where the foot turns inward beyond normal limits of motion. When this happens the ligaments that stabilize the joint can be stretched or torn. This is called an ankle sprain.

A ligament is a stiff, rubber-band like tissue that connects bones together and stabilizes joints. There are several important ligaments that stabilize the ankle joint. The most commonly injured are those on the lateral (or outside) part of the ankle. When these are damaged, the ankle joint can become unstable and even sometimes dislocate.

The most common ankle sprain is referred to as a lateral ankle sprain and can result in significant pain and swelling, with bruising being very common. It is also common to experience continued feelings of instability and have repeat sprains. With appropriate treatment most ankle sprains can recover in a fairly short period of time and with no surgery.

However it is important to know that there are other, more serious injuries that can occur with an ankle sprain. These include complete tearing of the ligaments with dislocation or severe instability, fractures, and damage to cartilage within the ankle joint. For these reasons it is important to have a thorough examination if you suspect you have sustained an ankle sprain.

At Mid-South Foot and Ankle Specialists we employ proven treatment methods that are very effective at managing ankle sprains, and will get you back to physical activity as soon as possible. If you think you have suffered an ankle sprain, please feel free to contact Mid-South Foot and Ankle Specialist at 901-309-7700 to make an appointment today.