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Ankle Sprain

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Ankle Sprain services offered in Cordova, Memphis and Atoka, TN

About 25% of sports injuries are ankle sprains and the injury can happen in other ways, too. At Mid-South Foot & Ankle Specialists, with offices in Atoka, Cordova, and East Memphis, Tennessee, the foot and ankle care experts offer complete ankle sprain rehab that allows you to return to work and play as soon as possible. Book an appointment online or call the office nearest you now.

What are ankle sprains?


Ankle sprains occur when you injure one or more of the ligaments that hold your bones together. About 90% of ankle sprains affect the ligaments in the outer ankle. 


Ligaments are naturally elastic and can stretch quite a bit as you move however, extreme movements can stretch the ligament too much or even cause a tear. Sprains can be either overstretching or tears. 

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain?


Ankle sprain symptoms can vary based on the degree of the sprain.

Grade I sprain


A grade I sprain is a mild injury that occurs when the ligament stretches but doesn’t tear or tears very slightly. It causes swelling and tenderness but not severe pain.

Grade II sprain


A grade II sprain is a moderate injury that happens with an incomplete ligament tear. This grade sprain causes pain, swelling, and difficulty walking.

Grade III sprain


A grade III ankle sprain is a severe injury occurring with a complete ligament tear. It causes severe pain, swelling, bruising, and ankle weakness. With this type of ankle sprain, it’s usually hard to bear weight or walk. 


All grades of ankle sprain require treatment. An untreated mild sprain can worsen, and recurrent ankle sprains can lead to permanent ankle instability, in which your ankle frequently “gives out.” 

How are ankle sprains treated?

Treatment depends on the sprain grade and your symptoms. Usually, you’ll wear an ankle brace and skip strenuous physical activity as you heal. You may need oral anti-inflammatory medication along with ice packs to ease pain. 


Milder ankle sprains usually heal within a couple of weeks, and severe sprains can take as long as several months to heal. 


You’ll have physical therapy during recovery, which helps you strengthen your ankle and decrease the risk of another injury. Completing your rehab is crucial in achieving a full recovery and return to regular activities. 


If you have chronic ankle instability due to untreated ankle sprains, you could need surgery to restore the weakened tissues in your ankle. 


Sprained ankles are very treatable, especially when you take action fast. The experts at Mid-South Foot & Ankle Specialists are here to help you recover in three Memphis area offices, so call the one nearest you or book your appointment using the online scheduler now.